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Dependable Importer of Healthy and Organic Products From Greece

About Us 

Pashos Imports is a woman- and veteran-owned business based in Virginia. We promote a variety of organic and healthy food products from Greece to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to support the United States Military and their families worldwide.

We believe that health is the most significant wealth and that nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life. This is why we are dedicated to promoting a well-balanced lifestyle by offering quality, healthy products.  

The past 20+ years our family has been enjoying the benefits of healthy and organic food products from Greece and our mission is to extend these benefits to DeCA.

Mission Statement

At Pashos Imports, our vision is to promote the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). We are committed to be ambassadors to the United States Military Commissaries globally and promote food products that originate from unique places in Greece. Our exclusive partnership with top quality producers from Greece, allows us to promote unprecedented top quality natural products directly to DeCA, for a better, healthier and a more fulfilling way of eating and living for the United States Military personnel and their families.

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